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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working on the Vestibular System Creating an Internal Gyro

I apologize in advance, that I don't know if this is a new idea or developed idea, these are thoughts that I'm working on and developing in my clinic. It's very hard to find detailed or advanced thoughts of Moshe Feldenkrais or Anat Baniel. I admit that I don't have the AY books or his U.S. training. So little is publish or passed though very few lips 0r this just hasn't been studied but I've been applying a great deal of thought into this.

This will be a series of blogs that I need to work out and find clarity in my thoughts. My husband would say that it would take forever because I jump at lighting speed but you see, in my minds eye, I'm working on so many people at one time that at times it is very difficult to do think softly. Especially when I'm learning at huge leaps. Presently that's the case.

I'm taught to work with the skeletal system and central nervous system to change, development, articulate many different movements into the structure of the person that I'm working on. Only once did I see Maralee Platt work on someones intestinal system. It was more of actually working on the intestines vs. working through the abdomen cavity to move the lower vertebrae and pelvic bowl from that point of movement.

I've found that women, due to the fact that they've birthed a child or lack of clarity or relationship with themselves and their reproductive system or just feeling fat - look at the abdomen as 'this thing' or just a separate part of themselves. I have a client that was having various intestinal issues that included liver function. This came to two, then three clients that had problems in their lower cavity.

With this, I started to really concentrate the function of the pelvis, of which I find that it's is the true core of our system not the upper abs that so many believe. There is a very specific touch or approach to the abdomen that first needs to be done. It's not a connection of kneading, as one would do for bread, but as if you could actually connect to the upper part of the vertebrae.

Now, I know that most feel that the spine can not be manipulated through the stomach but I'm here to say that I disagree. To open the hand and place it on the stomach, not in a skin to skin contact but with the actual intent of commanding the system to move the spine. First it's the initial touch. Just the connection to the person's presence and letting their mind adjust to the experience that they are about to have. No difference in the approach if you were at the back of a client.

The start of working with the abdomen to find the exterior of the gyro. Even though I haven't explained my thoughts on an internal gyro of a human through the abdomen/pelvic region, I can prove that it exists and is quite powerful. I originally thought that reworking a persons vestibular system was crucial and stumbled upon the workings of the human gyro. I tried out my theories last night on a practice session with a friend and was too excited on how easy it was to access in an adult vs. a child (just do to size and positioning of the lesson).

Once the touch is established to work with my opposing hand to start to create the clarity of the exterior of the person's gyro first before going into details movements on how the spine/hips/legs and feet attach into the function. I think that I have to work this with video. Spitting it out for now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

This video is for my Healthy Back class taught at Rise. Thank you, Michelle